Safelist (Step 1 of 4)

- Numbers & Letters only. No Spaces or special characters.
- IF the vehicle does not have a license plate, enter the
last 7 digits of the VIN.

Enter all or part of a street name within the property :

If you have been provided with a safelist profile Activation
code by your community, please activate your pre-defined profile
by entering the code in the box below.
Disclaimer :
  • Vehicles safelisted with wrong plate numbers/vin numbers will be considered invalid and subject to citing/towing per community rules.
  • Altered confirmation numbers will be considered invalid and vehicles are subject to immediate towing and removal of safelisting privileges.
  • Safelisting of commercial/recreational vehicles do not prevent them from being cited/towed. Please refer to your community rules for details.
  • Vehicles Safelisted under the vin number while displaying a license plate are considered invalid and are subject to enforcement including but not limited to citing and towing.
  • New vehicles must be safelisted by VIN#, temporary paper plates will NOT be accepted or honored with a safelist.