Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. proudly services the following areas from our centrally located offices, those areas include,

  • All of Orange County
  • selected areas of LA
  • selected areas of Riverside Counties
Please feel free to contact us to see if we are patrolling a neighborhood near you TODAY. We offer special patrol incentives for our clients residing in the cities of Irvine and Tustin as well.

Patrol Service

Our Courtesy Patrol service is an increasingly popular choice for organizations of all types, as regular vehicular type patrols are effective at deterring crime while remaining easy on your budget. Vehicular type patrols are conducted by our well trained patrol officers who randomly, but regularly, visit and inspect your premises throughout the evening and early morning hours, daytime inspections are also available. These inspections may include: checking all windows and doors, arming and disarming alarms, removing loiterers, the locking up buildings and facilities, looking for and discouraging any signs of wrong doing, and the timely reporting of any safety, maintenance related issues that we may find.

Most patrols are requested by the clients to be performed during the vulnerable hours of 10pm - 6am. Additionally, we offer specialized solutions to suit all of your patrol needs. Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. employs a fleet of marked patrol vehicles staffed by specially trained Patrol Officers.

Courtesy Patrol services are designed to meet our individual client’s requirements. It offers an affordable and effective alternative to a full time security presence. We can provide a quality Courtesy Patrol service to meet the ever-changing requirements of today clients and do it with a smile. This service is provided at a competitive price, it may not be the least expensive, however our services are the best on the market. Please call or click today, YOU will be glad you did.

Apartment Communities

We recognize that your tenants are the key to your financial success. We want to encourage a solid working relationship to ensure that both your tenants and your management team are satisfied with our Courtesy Patrol staff that may be assigned to your property. Below are just a few of the typical duties that our patrol or onsite officers will be happy to perform:

Conduct routine patrols of the property as requested to identify and/or respond to ongoing or what the officer may deem any potential disturbances. We are also highly visible to prevent and detect any signs of intrusion.

Identify and issue violation notices on abandoned and/or improperly licensed or parked vehicles. Follow-up and notify the management office of those violations that are issued.

Inspect and verify the working order of all exterior lighting that may not be working properly at the time of the officer's visit(s) to the property. (Exterior lighting poles, pool areas, buildings, etc.) Conduct nightly (or more frequently as contracted) security patrol checks of the community, to ensure that the leasing office, recreation room, common areas, any required gates, and service facilities are secured.

Conduct nightly (or more frequently as contracted) security patrol checks of the community, to ensure that the leasing office, recreation room, common areas, any required gates, and service facilities are secured.

Take the appropriate steps to resolve any security related issues and disturbances while ensuring that law enforcement is notified when necessary. Notify management of such issues in a timely manner for follow up.

Ensure that common areas are quiet by not allowing residents and their guests to unreasonably congregate in such areas after hours. Politely inform tenants and guests of rule infractions or violations. Call police or fire departments in cases of an emergency. Perform other related duties as assigned or as necessary. Please call or click today, YOU will be glad you did.

Gated Communities

Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. officers are specifically trained to provide a high level of visibility and professionalism for your manned gated communities and homeowners associations. We will work tirelessly to create a balance between friendly customer service while remaining firm on all entrance criteria’s and procedures.

All officers will closely follow post orders and protocols. The officers will provide daily reports (electronically) to management about any and all activities known to have occurred, inside or outside of your gated community. All of our officers must complete a rigorous gate attendant training program. Additionally, the officers have passed a thorough background check, and are also screened for substance abuse.

Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. will design a customized security plan for your gated community that fully maximizes your current access and delay controls; we will also make recommendations to enhance those features if required.

We believe that the consistent placement of our guards is essential to your community and its residents. We understand that having the same well trained officers’ assigned day in and day out, helps build trust with the residents while making it easier officers assigned to identify suspicious persons or activities. YOU are the client and we want to please YOU, Please call or click today.

Guard Services

As Wikipedia states, a security officer (or security guard) is a person who is paid to protect property, assets, or people. Security guards are usually privately and formally employed civilian personnel. Security officers are generally uniformed and act to protect property by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, observing (either directly, through patrols, or by watching alarm systems or video cameras) for signs of crime, fire or disorder; then taking action and reporting any incidents to their client and emergency services as appropriate.

Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. management believes the Courtesy Compliance officer’s role should be the same as above and much more.


This is accomplished by having officers who are highly visible to the residents, tenants, their guest(s) and potential trespassers. Visibility also ensures that any undesirable person(s) will see the officer and be discouraged from committing any illegal acts and leave the facilities. The officers must be alert and listen for activities that cannot be seen. The officer must be vigilant. When these practices are followed, the officers can follow-up with their observation and reporting skills. As we cannot prevent every criminal act that may occur, by exercising the guidelines above, we can prevent as many as possible.

Any officer assigned to your property will at the minimum, have these basic skills. We will also thoroughly train them on the parameters of the duties assigned, communications with the residents, tenants and guests alongside any onsite members or management, board of directors, or security liaison representatives you may assign.

Courtesy Patrol Specialists also believe in being very proactive while enforcing your rules and regulations. One of our main goals is to always educate the offender on what they may have done wrong and then advise them on what remedies are available to resolve such infractions.

CCTV Monitoring and installation

Courtesy Patrol Specialists is proud to offer reliable and state of the art close circuit television and surveillance protection equipment. Courtesy Patrol Specialists is now a trusted partner with CPS West, a leader in the video surveillance, live monitoring and installation fields. By working together, we ensure that all of your security and monitoring needs can be managed by companies that share the same goal, your protection and satisfaction. Our collaboration has allowed us to bridge any communication and service delays. Should technical or equipment issues arise, those matters will be handled timely and in a professional manner.

Below are just a few of the benefits of having a live video surveillance system in place in addition to your physical security needs. You have the ability to:

Stop Thieves and Vandals

You can protect your assets without it costing a fortune. Live monitoring and audio talk-down with quick police response are the solution.

We are Preventative Surveillance

We are in the business of preventing criminal activity before it occurs. Using the latest technologies in surveillance, the camera is alerted at the moment of suspicion sending data to our monitoring center where we live intervene to the onsite speakers.

We are Wireless Access

Live surveillance cameras are at the access of your fingertips. With our software programs you are able to view your cameras from any Android, iPhone, computer or tablet. If there is an active incident on your property and you are out of town, a simple click allows you to witness what is occurring.

Analytics at Work

  • Graffiti Detection
  • Object Classification: People differentiated from cars, animals, and other objects.
  • Crowd Formation
  • Line Crossing
  • Object Left Behind or Missing
  • Direction of Travel
  • Dwell Time Alarm
  • Loitering
  • Access Control
  • Employee Escorts
Note: These are a few examples of how camera analytics can work for you.

Monitoring Center

  • Audio talk-down at the moment of suspicion
  • Click/Send video research
  • Email-able alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring over your assets
  • Immediate police dispatch before a crime can occur

We are Affordable

We are affordable. Leasing and financing options are available for all surveillance equipment. There is no need for up front capitalization therefore we can accommodate most any budget, large or small. Monitoring and maintenance plans are competitively priced as well. Between ourselves and our service partners, we have eliminated up-front costs so you can afford a state-of-the-art surveillance program today without breaking the bank.

Office & Commercial Buildings, Lobby Ambassadors

Our officer’s assignments are: Perform a variety of security, safety, customer service, public relations duties and any related functions specific to the request of the client. We will respond to and assist first responders with any emergencies and ensure the policies and procedures are followed limiting exposure to both the client and security personnel. We are here to prevent, observe, and report any security or safety concerns as indicated in post manuals.

Security issues and threats that may occur
Here is just a brief list of security and safety issues that can occur in office complexes and buildings during and after normal business hours. Property Crimes, which are reported mainly as theft and burglary in particular, from private offices, parking lots, and receiving docks. Property damage, including graffiti, vandalism, dumping of trash and other large items, and damages to your waterscapes and fountains are prevalent, common areas, restrooms and parking areas.

By employing a well-trained security staff, you can be reassured that you will minimize unauthorized access to utility closets, eliminating any potential theft or tampering of telecommunications or electricity equipment. Should you have any cases of drug dealing or loitering at the building, the presence of a security officer will help diminish these issues. Additionally, commercial buildings have many corporate offices and lobbies decorated with expensive furnishings and artwork. With little or no security facilities to guard such decorations, these are a high value target items for thieves.

Emergency situations such as human or mechanical related issues, including fire, infrastructure and elevator failures, power outages, natural disasters, earthquakes, and wind storms can arise. However, all of our Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. officers will be trained in accordance to the policy and procedures you have in place on how to respond and react when these situations may occur. We would also like to offer you patrol type services if you prefer this type of service, they will be happy to check on your offices, and buildings. Our guards will also provide a higher presence so your tenants and guests are aware someone is checking on things after hours.

Please Call or click today to discuss your buildings needs, we are here to accommodate YOU.

Shopping Centers

Due to the special patrol requirements of shopping and retail centers, our Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. officers are professionally trained in conflict resolution, vehicle identification theft, vandalism, child endangerment, and cultural sensitivity. Our officers are highly visible and are encouraged to interact with customers, tenants, and property management, in addition to working closely with local law enforcement.

We provide our shopping and retail center clients with the best services available. Our program contains many guidelines such as:

  • Written client orders and procedures that are specialized to each shopping centers specific needs.
  • Coordinated and random quality assurance checks from our uniformed supervisors or management team.
  • Ensured reliable communication by the assigned officer.
  • Adherence to strict guidelines for patrolling and securing your perimeter areas.
  • Specialized training on criminal behavior and how to analyze all persons and vehicles entering and leaving the property.
  • Checking all storefront locations and loading dock areas to ensure there are no signs of vandalism or theft.
We offer both onsite guards, roving guards and random type patrol checks for these types of facilities. Please Call or click today to see we can assist YOU and your centers needs.


This is a type of patrol service which is particularly useful and cost effective as it eliminates the need to rely on employees for the securing and unlocking of your premises, having trained security personnel perform this task has not only been proven as a great crime deterrent to would-be criminals, it will also give you the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your premises are checked and secured nightly.

We would be happy to secure your buildings and amenities, if such areas need to be reopened for scheduled events; we are more than happy to assist in that process as well. We also provide daily lock ups and unlocks of various structures, here are just a few.

  • Jacuzzi Area
  • Gates
  • Pool facilities
  • Restrooms
  • Offices
  • Parking lots
  • Tennis Courts
  • Fitness Rooms & Gyms
  • Clubhouses
  • Saunas
Please Call or click today to see we can assist YOU with your lock up requirements

Pool Inspections/Overseer

As the warmer weather arrives, pool areas become extremely active, and more likely these pools becomes the target of vandals and trespassers. As it has now become a necessity to ensure that residents and guest entering the community pools and recreational areas are the only authorized ones to do so. Courtesy Patrols Specialists, Inc. offers a select type of vehicle patrol and guard service specialized just for this scenario, the officers while on duty will verify the following information:

  • To ensure the pool gates and restroom doors are constantly secured and not propped opened.
  • Verify residency of those using and arriving at the Pool/Recreations facilities.
  • Enforce posted and non posted pool and recreational area rules and limitations.
  • Report maintenance and safety issues immediately.
  • Officer is to be easily identifiable from the other pool users.
  • Maintain pool logs and verify resident listings for pool eligibility.

Please Call or click today if you believe we can assist YOU with any of the above issues

Parking Enforcement/Enhancements

Questions regarding enforcement of parking regulations on private streets versus public roadways often arise in cases where Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) or Home Owner Association (HOA) regulations address issues of streets, alleys and parking areas. The key to understanding vehicle operation and parking restrictions on any roadway is knowing whether the roadway in question is privately owned or a public right of way. Public roadways are those owned and maintained by a governmental entity. Only the state or local jurisdiction involved has authority over the operation and parking of vehicles on public roadways.

Private roadways are those owned and maintained by someone other than the City you live in or other type of governmental agency. Prime examples of private roadways are those streets that serve private housing developments, regardless if they are gated or not. Private roadways are subject to the rules and restrictions imposed by the “owner” of that property. In many cases, the “owner” of a private street is the HOA.

When dealing with the parking of vehicles, there may be some overlap between public and private enforcement. Consistent with the governing documents of the association, the HOA may establish speed limits, post regulatory signs, establish parking restrictions (such as limiting parking to tenants or guests), issue parking permits, restrict parking areas, and regulate all vehicles and traffic using the non-public portion of the property.

For example, the governing documents may require that all vehicles be parked in the garage. If a vehicle otherwise conforms to the law for parking in the area and thus would not be subject to enforcement by the City, the HOA may still pursue its private remedies for the violation of the CCRs. HOAs can use a variety of options to enforce the rules and regulations regarding the use of the private property. Disputes between HOAs and individual members of the communities they represent are civil matters. City employees, including police officers, will not enforce CCRs and associated regulations dictating or restricting actions on private property.

Here is another perspective

The Association can have regulations and enforcement of their Private Streets.

Many developments consist of private streets which are not opening for use by the public and are owned or maintained by the association. Generally, under state law and the governing documents, the association may regulate parking as to both members and non-members in these developments. Typical regulations might restrict the number of allowable vehicles; prohibit or limit commercial or recreational vehicles; and require that all resident vehicles be parked inside of their garages. The association will generally have the authority to enforce those parking restrictions by levying fines, suspending member rights, and by citing and towing of violating vehicles.

As a property management company, or a board of directors’ member of an HOA or a condo association, you have the right to manage the parking areas on your property. If you are currently having issues with the abandonment of vehicles, repeated abuses of the designated parking areas or any violation of your established guidelines for parking within your property, you can have those violators removed at the owner’s expense. Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. provides positive parking enforcement. We can service any of the entities listed below as long as they have legal control of such areas, those entities are; management companies, condo associations, apartment communities, businesses, parking lots, and more. We want to partner with you to create a specialized parking program that works the best for you and your residents.

We can also help you facilitate parking enforcement request by providing the proper signage to ensure that all of the legal requirements for the towing of vehicles have been completed.

Whether you are a business owner, property manager, association president, or a management company, we want to help YOU. Please Call or click today.

Permit Programs

A simple parking pass program can fix many problems. Incorporating these types of programs can increase property values and more.

Homeowners Association parking permits and decals not only show who has legitimate rights to park in the property, it can help build a sense of community and pride within the neighborhood. Parking permits are the best way to organize your parking areas while ensuring that your neighborhood parking is streamlined, clean and attractive. Any homeowner's association or community can benefit from a specialized parking permit program.

Courtesy Patrol Specialist provides parking enforcement permit programs services for a variety of communities. Our parking management program will simplify your current parking program and allow you the freedom to do other equally important things required to manage your property. We will manage and administer your parking permit and enforcement program by providing you the following services:

  • Online parking permit registration for tenants and homeowners.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations to resolve the gray areas of enforcement.
  • Remove violating vehicles, per California Vehicle Code regulations.
  • Track and monitor all violations using the vehicle license plate.
  • Register all vehicles that will be parking outside of their garages /carports on your property.
  • Issue all required parking permits (annually if required).
  • Enforce all association and community parking rules and regulations.
  • Create satisfied residents.

Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. uses a parking application created just for our software. The officers have real time information and tracking using the latest smart phone technology. Our Courtesy Patrol officers will monitor all parking areas and check the status of any vehicle on your property for properly displayed and valid permits. All violations are documented and recorded into our database for tracking purposes. If impounding a vehicle is required, the towing agencies that we will be using on your properties are independent of Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. They are licensed and authorized by the State of California to perform such duties.

Our management team, has decades of experience in the creation and enforcement policies of these types of programs. We understand what your goals and ours should be, and we are here to serve YOU. Please call or click today, if we can be of service.

Medical/Dental office complexes

Medical and dental clinics are increasingly becoming the targets of choice for drug users, burglars, and vandals alike. Although many of these facilities are also protected by an alarm system, these businesses are often victimized by the "Smash and Grab" type of burglary. This is where criminals break in, (normally smashing through a window or glass type of door) regardless of the alarms and steal as much as they can with surgical type precision, in typically less than 5 minutes from when they first break the glass to the time they are on the way out of your property.

Our Courtesy Patrol Officers, in highly marked patrol vehicles, will perform physical patrol inspections of your location, checking all of the exterior doors and windows. These inspections can occur as often as requested. However, we suggest at least one inspection per night at random for consistency.

Our highly trained patrol officers will inspect vulnerable areas within your property. They will identify any suspicious activity and make contact with any individuals or vehicles that do not belong on the property. Although contracting for this type of patrol service does not guarantee that you will not experience these types of crimes, patrol inspections have been proven to be a valuable deterrent to thieves and undesirables alike.

Please Call or click today to see if we can assist YOU by providing a professional security plan for you’re highly at risk business.

School Districts/Educational Institutions

The primary objective of these types of patrols/onsite officers is to create a "peace of mind" for school superintendents, administrators, school boards, principals, and their community partners regarding school safety and vandalism issues. The amount of money and resources spent on replacing etched classrooms windows, covering up spray painted walls, replacing damaged tables, etc. is staggering. The costs of patrol service like this are inexpensive in comparison.

The management of Courtesy Patrols Specialists, Inc. believes the first step in dealing with school related crimes does the timely reporting of such crimes when they are discovered. This helps the police and other agencies identify when the acts may have occurred. Patrolling the school grounds after hours allows, Police and Security to work together to develop the best practices for catching the offenders or deterring these events from occurring altogether.

Our Security Officers, in marked patrol vehicles, will perform physical walking patrols of your school campus or institution, checking all exteriors doors and windows. Additionally, we will check any hot spots that your staff has alerted us to.

Our highly trained patrol officers will inspect vulnerable areas within your property such as fence perimeters, gate access points, and common areas. We will identify any suspicious activity and attempt to make contact with any individuals who do not belong on the property.

These services are also offered seasonally when many campuses are closed for the summer/winter breaks, as we know, just because the campuses are closed and secured, the undesirables still find their way on the school grounds and can cause lots of mayhem. Contracting for this type of patrol service does not guarantee that you will not experience these types of crimes; however patrol inspections have been proven to be a valuable deterrent to thieves and undesirables alike.

Please Call or click today to see if we can assist YOU with your institutions security enhancements.

Houses of Worship

According to the National Church Security Network, crimes against Churches are on the rise. A number of reasons Churches may not report such incidents is because of their stance on forgiveness or fear of retaliation.

Accounting for 64% of the crimes reported, BURGLARY was the most frequent occurring on church property. 13% of the crimes were ARSON related, and 7% were related to THEFT of some kind. These types of crimes, in addition to VANDALISM, have added up to more than millions in losses for Houses of Worship. As you are aware, Churches of all denominations have experienced vandalism and hate crimes in recent years.

Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. will randomly conduct vehicle patrols of Houses of Worship at a significantly reduced rate. Our Security Officers, in marked patrol vehicles, will perform physical walking patrols of your Church campus checking all exteriors doors and windows. We can visit the property as many times as contracted for however we recommend at least one inspection a night for consistency.

Our highly motivated patrol officers will inspect vulnerable areas within your property, including known hot spots where undesirables like to hang out frequently.

They will identify any suspicious activity and attempt to make contact with any individuals who do not belong on the property. If needed, we will call for police assistance for anyone refusing to leave when they have no right to be on your property.

Additionally, we will provide onsite officers to perform the various duties mentioned above and more at a reduced rate. The officer must be stationed on property for shifts no less than 6 continuous hours per day and longer shifts can easily be accommodated.

Contracting for this type of patrol service does not guarantee that you will not experience these types of crimes. However, patrol inspections have been proven to be a valuable deterrent to thieves and undesirables alike.

Please Call or click today to see if we are patrolling a house of worship near YOU

Municipalities/Local Governments

Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. would be more than happy to provide security services for your city, county, state, or municipal utility agency. Our motivated officers will secure government offices, maintenance yards and buildings as well as monitor access and control locations. We also provide lobby ambassadors and concierge type officers. We will conduct parking enforcement for any of these types of facilities if requested and will perform safety and compliance checks as well. If required, perimeter and rail yard inspections can also be completed with dedicated vehicular types of patrols.

Please Call or click today to see if we are patrolling a sensitive location near YOU.