About Us

Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. was founded by the Owner and President Doug Kantner. After working over 25 years in the security industry, mainly at two of the largest patrol companies in Southern California, he finally decided to open up a security firm built on integrity, both within the organization and from the officers we employ. Our loyalty to both our clients and employees, as well as our dedication to the clients we serve is the key to our long lasting relationships. Doug’s understanding of both patrol and guard operations as well as law enforcement in general, has been encapsulated in our philosophy and is the core of all of training and expectations of our staff.

Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. was founded to restore the fundamentals of what all security companies and their officers should be striving to accomplish: Prevention - prevent the action(s) of violators by remaining highly visible when on property; Alertness; Listening; and most importantly, understanding conflict resolution. When these four main areas are the focus of the officers patrolling your properties, all of the other duties that are required of security officers by law and any additional duties that will be assigned are simplified. In return, customer satisfaction is likely to occur even when enforcement actions are required.

You will find that Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc is striving to be the most professional by having the highest presence of any patrol service in your area. We are committed to identifying problems ahead of time while using the latest technologies to document those problems before they occur. Our clients can expect a professional well groomed uniformed presence in a state-of-the-art marked patrol vehicle while we are on patrol in your neighborhood.

In closing, we want you to remember that we named the company Courtesy Patrol Specialists because we believe that the word “security” offers a false sense of protection to your residents and tenants. Often times it adds unnecessary legal inquiries to the community. Due to the misconception, our courtesy patrols offer and allow a way for the community to have a contracted courteous type of service that performs various assignments and duties for the community. Lastly and most importantly, we wanted to put the word “courtesy” back into positive enforcement.