Houses of Worship

According to the National Church Security Network, crimes against Churches are on the rise. A number of reasons Churches may not report such incidents is because of their stance on forgiveness or fear of retaliation.

Accounting for 64% of the crimes reported, BURGLARY was the most frequent occurring on church property. 13% of the crimes were ARSON related, and 7% were related to THEFT of some kind. These types of crimes, in addition to VANDALISM, have added up to more than millions in losses for Houses of Worship. As you are aware, Churches of all denominations have experienced vandalism and hate crimes in recent years.

Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. will randomly conduct vehicle patrols of Houses of Worship at a significantly reduced rate. Our Security Officers, in marked patrol vehicles, will perform physical walking patrols of your Church campus checking all exteriors doors and windows. We can visit the property as many times as contracted for however we recommend at least one inspection a night for consistency.

Our highly motivated patrol officers will inspect vulnerable areas within your property, including known hot spots where undesirables like to hang out frequently.

They will identify any suspicious activity and attempt to make contact with any individuals who do not belong on the property. If needed, we will call for police assistance for anyone refusing to leave when they have no right to be on your property.

Additionally, we will provide onsite officers to perform the various duties mentioned above and more at a reduced rate. The officer must be stationed on property for shifts no less than 6 continuous hours per day and longer shifts can easily be accommodated.

Contracting for this type of patrol service does not guarantee that you will not experience these types of crimes. However, patrol inspections have been proven to be a valuable deterrent to thieves and undesirables alike.

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