Medical/Dental office complexes

Medical and dental clinics are increasingly becoming the targets of choice for drug users, burglars, and vandals alike. Although many of these facilities are also protected by an alarm system, these businesses are often victimized by the "Smash and Grab" type of burglary. This is where criminals break in, (normally smashing through a window or glass type of door) regardless of the alarms and steal as much as they can with surgical type precision, in typically less than 5 minutes from when they first break the glass to the time they are on the way out of your property.

Our Courtesy Patrol Officers, in highly marked patrol vehicles, will perform physical patrol inspections of your location, checking all of the exterior doors and windows. These inspections can occur as often as requested. However, we suggest at least one inspection per night at random for consistency.

Our highly trained patrol officers will inspect vulnerable areas within your property. They will identify any suspicious activity and make contact with any individuals or vehicles that do not belong on the property. Although contracting for this type of patrol service does not guarantee that you will not experience these types of crimes, patrol inspections have been proven to be a valuable deterrent to thieves and undesirables alike.

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