CCTV Monitoring and installation

Courtesy Patrol Specialists is proud to offer reliable and state of the art close circuit television and surveillance protection equipment. Courtesy Patrol Specialists is now a trusted partner with CPS West, a leader in the video surveillance, live monitoring and installation fields. By working together, we ensure that all of your security and monitoring needs can be managed by companies that share the same goal, your protection and satisfaction. Our collaboration has allowed us to bridge any communication and service delays. Should technical or equipment issues arise, those matters will be handled timely and in a professional manner.

Below are just a few of the benefits of having a live video surveillance system in place in addition to your physical security needs. You have the ability to:

Stop Thieves and Vandals

You can protect your assets without it costing a fortune. Live monitoring and audio talk-down with quick police response are the solution.

We are Preventative Surveillance

We are in the business of preventing criminal activity before it occurs. Using the latest technologies in surveillance, the camera is alerted at the moment of suspicion sending data to our monitoring center where we live intervene to the onsite speakers.

We are Wireless Access

Live surveillance cameras are at the access of your fingertips. With our software programs you are able to view your cameras from any Android, iPhone, computer or tablet. If there is an active incident on your property and you are out of town, a simple click allows you to witness what is occurring.

Analytics at Work

  • Graffiti Detection
  • Object Classification: People differentiated from cars, animals, and other objects.
  • Crowd Formation
  • Line Crossing
  • Object Left Behind or Missing
  • Direction of Travel
  • Dwell Time Alarm
  • Loitering
  • Access Control
  • Employee Escorts
Note: These are a few examples of how camera analytics can work for you.

Monitoring Center

  • Audio talk-down at the moment of suspicion
  • Click/Send video research
  • Email-able alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring over your assets
  • Immediate police dispatch before a crime can occur

We are Affordable

We are affordable. Leasing and financing options are available for all surveillance equipment. There is no need for up front capitalization therefore we can accommodate most any budget, large or small. Monitoring and maintenance plans are competitively priced as well. Between ourselves and our service partners, we have eliminated up-front costs so you can afford a state-of-the-art surveillance program today without breaking the bank.