Office & Commercial Buildings, Lobby Ambassadors

Our officer’s assignments are: Perform a variety of security, safety, customer service, public relations duties and any related functions specific to the request of the client. We will respond to and assist first responders with any emergencies and ensure the policies and procedures are followed limiting exposure to both the client and security personnel. We are here to prevent, observe, and report any security or safety concerns as indicated in post manuals.

Security issues and threats that may occur
Here is just a brief list of security and safety issues that can occur in office complexes and buildings during and after normal business hours. Property Crimes, which are reported mainly as theft and burglary in particular, from private offices, parking lots, and receiving docks. Property damage, including graffiti, vandalism, dumping of trash and other large items, and damages to your waterscapes and fountains are prevalent, common areas, restrooms and parking areas.

By employing a well-trained security staff, you can be reassured that you will minimize unauthorized access to utility closets, eliminating any potential theft or tampering of telecommunications or electricity equipment. Should you have any cases of drug dealing or loitering at the building, the presence of a security officer will help diminish these issues. Additionally, commercial buildings have many corporate offices and lobbies decorated with expensive furnishings and artwork. With little or no security facilities to guard such decorations, these are a high value target items for thieves.

Emergency situations such as human or mechanical related issues, including fire, infrastructure and elevator failures, power outages, natural disasters, earthquakes, and wind storms can arise. However, all of our Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. officers will be trained in accordance to the policy and procedures you have in place on how to respond and react when these situations may occur. We would also like to offer you patrol type services if you prefer this type of service, they will be happy to check on your offices, and buildings. Our guards will also provide a higher presence so your tenants and guests are aware someone is checking on things after hours.

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