Permit Programs

A simple parking pass program can fix many problems. Incorporating these types of programs can increase property values and more.

Homeowners Association parking permits and decals not only show who has legitimate rights to park in the property, it can help build a sense of community and pride within the neighborhood. Parking permits are the best way to organize your parking areas while ensuring that your neighborhood parking is streamlined, clean and attractive. Any homeowner's association or community can benefit from a specialized parking permit program.

Courtesy Patrol Specialist provides parking enforcement permit programs services for a variety of communities. Our parking management program will simplify your current parking program and allow you the freedom to do other equally important things required to manage your property. We will manage and administer your parking permit and enforcement program by providing you the following services:

  • Online parking permit registration for tenants and homeowners.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations to resolve the gray areas of enforcement.
  • Remove violating vehicles, per California Vehicle Code regulations.
  • Track and monitor all violations using the vehicle license plate.
  • Register all vehicles that will be parking outside of their garages /carports on your property.
  • Issue all required parking permits (annually if required).
  • Enforce all association and community parking rules and regulations.
  • Create satisfied residents.

Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. uses a parking application created just for our software. The officers have real time information and tracking using the latest smart phone technology. Our Courtesy Patrol officers will monitor all parking areas and check the status of any vehicle on your property for properly displayed and valid permits. All violations are documented and recorded into our database for tracking purposes. If impounding a vehicle is required, the towing agencies that we will be using on your properties are independent of Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. They are licensed and authorized by the State of California to perform such duties.

Our management team, has decades of experience in the creation and enforcement policies of these types of programs. We understand what your goals and ours should be, and we are here to serve YOU. Please call or click today, if we can be of service.