Pool Inspections/Overseer (for existing patrol accounts)

As the warmer weather arrives, pool areas become extremely active, and more likely these pools becomes the target of vandals and trespassers. As it has now become a necessity to ensure that residents and guest entering the community pools and recreational areas are the only authorized ones to do so. Courtesy Patrols Specialists, Inc. offers a select type of vehicle patrol and guard service specialized just for this scenario, the officers while on duty will verify the following information:

  • To ensure the pool gates and restroom doors are constantly secured and not propped opened.
  • Verify residency of those using and arriving at the Pool/Recreations facilities.
  • Enforce posted and non posted pool and recreational area rules and limitations.
  • Report maintenance and safety issues immediately.
  • Officer is to be easily identifiable from the other pool users.
  • Maintain pool logs and verify resident listings for pool eligibility.

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