School Districts/Educational Institutions

The primary objective of these types of patrols/onsite officers is to create a "peace of mind" for school superintendents, administrators, school boards, principals, and their community partners regarding school safety and vandalism issues. The amount of money and resources spent on replacing etched classrooms windows, covering up spray painted walls, replacing damaged tables, etc. is staggering. The costs of patrol service like this are inexpensive in comparison.

The management of Courtesy Patrols Specialists, Inc. believes the first step in dealing with school related crimes does the timely reporting of such crimes when they are discovered. This helps the police and other agencies identify when the acts may have occurred. Patrolling the school grounds after hours allows, Police and Security to work together to develop the best practices for catching the offenders or deterring these events from occurring altogether.

Our Security Officers, in marked patrol vehicles, will perform physical walking patrols of your school campus or institution, checking all exteriors doors and windows. Additionally, we will check any hot spots that your staff has alerted us to.

Our highly trained patrol officers will inspect vulnerable areas within your property such as fence perimeters, gate access points, and common areas. We will identify any suspicious activity and attempt to make contact with any individuals who do not belong on the property.

These services are also offered seasonally when many campuses are closed for the summer/winter breaks, as we know, just because the campuses are closed and secured, the undesirables still find their way on the school grounds and can cause lots of mayhem. Contracting for this type of patrol service does not guarantee that you will not experience these types of crimes; however patrol inspections have been proven to be a valuable deterrent to thieves and undesirables alike.

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