Shopping Centers

Due to the special patrol requirements of shopping and retail centers, our Courtesy Patrol Specialists, Inc. officers are professionally trained in conflict resolution, vehicle identification theft, vandalism, child endangerment, and cultural sensitivity. Our officers are highly visible and are encouraged to interact with customers, tenants, and property management, in addition to working closely with local law enforcement.

We provide our shopping and retail center clients with the best services available. Our program contains many guidelines such as:

  • Written client orders and procedures that are specialized to each shopping centers specific needs.
  • Coordinated and random quality assurance checks from our uniformed supervisors or management team.
  • Ensured reliable communication by the assigned officer.
  • Adherence to strict guidelines for patrolling and securing your perimeter areas.
  • Specialized training on criminal behavior and how to analyze all persons and vehicles entering and leaving the property.
  • Checking all storefront locations and loading dock areas to ensure there are no signs of vandalism or theft.
We offer both onsite guards, roving guards and random type patrol checks for these types of facilities. Please Call or click today to see we can assist YOU and your centers needs.